Terms & conditions

Welcome to thebaboonshow.com! Here you find all official The Baboon Show merchandise. All merchandise that we sell are carefully selected and designed by the band, or together with the band. As far as possible we work with sustainable materials and manufacturers that delivers fair trade products. This is because we want your shopping experience to have as little impact on our planet as possible and to prevent climate change.

On thebaboonshow.com you can also find ONE OF A KIND items. This means that we made remakes of merchandise we no longer have on stock, that we made a unique item, that you can get stage clothes worn by one of the bandmembers, or that we found a rare item that we want to share with you. We also make limited edition prints/graphics with activist slogans that can only be purchased on thebaboonsshow.com. When it comes to ONE OF A KIND items, we reserve ourselves from the possibility that the particular item is out of stock.

Here you can read about the terms and conditions for purchases at thebaboonshow.com. These terms clarify what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you as our customer. Please notice that the terms and conditions can be updated. The terms and conditions were last updated 2019-03-01. The website thebaboonshow.com is owned by Babianspektaklet AB, 559053-001, Gröndalsvägen 118, 117 68 Stockholm, Sweden.

All matters about thebaboonshow.com should be sent to shop@thebaboonshow.com. If you have a booking request, please get in touch with our booking agents.

We reserve ourselves against minor deviation when it comes to colours, materials, sizes, weight and production for all items that can be purchased at thebaboonshow.com. This also goes for changes according to prices, assortment and misspelling.

To be allowed to make purchases at thebaboonshow.com you must be over 18 years old or have the permission from your guardian. If your purchase is supervised by your guardian, please enter your guardians name and phone number when checkout.

No other payment methods than the once shown in the checkout will be permitted.

Force majeure

In any event of war, warlike event, civil war, revolution, rebellion, governmental action, strike, lockout, blockade, natural disaster, or any similar event, thebaboonshow.com are be able to apply force majeure. This means that we’re not obligated to fulfil this agreement, or partially not fulfil this agreement. In any case of events like these we will try to inform you as our customer.


At thebaboonshow.com we only accept payments by card. At card payments you pay directly for your purchase in the checkout. To keep your card information confidential and inaccessible to outsiders all information you enter about your card will be encrypted and secured by Bambora Checkout. Babianspektaklet AB collaborates with Bambora Checkout and SEB for redemption of card payments.

If your payment by any reason doesn’t go through, we have the right to send you an invoice for your purchased item/s. Your order will be sent after the payment is fully done.

All prices that are shown at thebaboonshow.com are stated in euro and includes 25% VAT.

All items that can be purchased at thebaboonshow.com are considered as property of Babianspektaklet AB until fully payment is done.

All attempts for fraud and/or theft will be reported to the police. If we suspect that a fraud and/or a theft might be in progress we have the right to control your information, ask for additional information about your card and/or cancel the purchase. We have the right to do this even if it means that the delivery time will be longer than estimated.

Delivery & shipping

Your order will be sent to the address you stated when checkout, or to your chosen postal agent. Estimated delivery time varies depending on which country you’re in, customs and other regulations. Although expected delivery time is approximately 5-14 days, depending on your country.

Please note! All parcels will be sent by letter mail. We pack and ship on Wednesdays. This means that the estimated delivery time should be counted from the Wednesday after you placed your order.

All our parcels are handled by PostNord Sverige AB.

If you for any reason do not pick up your order at your postal agent, the parcel will be sent back to us at your expense. Unresolved parcels will not be considered as retuned item/s and therefore no refund will be disbursed.

If your parcel has been damaged during transport this must be reported to your postal agent. If you don’t detect the damage before opening your parcel, please get in touch with us at shop@thebaboonshow.com. Please name the mail ”Damaged parcel”.

Delivery notice

Keep in mind that shipping and delivery times are longer than normal due to the corona virus. Some borders are closed and in some cities there’s no deliveries at all since it’s not safe for the employees. We are very sorry for this inconvenience, but there’s really nothing we can do about the situation right now. Thank you for your patience! Stay safe❤️

Please notice that we can’t ship anything while on tour. This means, that in case of tours, our delivery time will be longer than estimated (5-14 days depending on your country). This may also go for ONE OF A KIND items. If we can’t deliver as expected, we will of course let you know as soon as we receive your order.

Complain & withdrawal rights

According to Swedish law you have the right to complain and withdraw your purchase if the item/s you purchased are not according to description or defected. Please note that you must make the complaint within 2 years (3 years for Sweden) from the date of your purchase. More information about consumers sales and can be found at Konsumentverkets hemsida.

You have full withdrawal rights for 14 days from the date of your purchase. If you want to use your withdrawal rights, you must notify us within the specified time. In this case, please send a mail to shop@thebaboonshow.com. Name the mail “Withdrawal”. The item/s that are withdrawn shall be returned to Babianspektaklet AB at your expense and must not be used or damaged. Withdrawal rights does not apply to phonograms if the seal has been broken, or on item/s on sale. Please note that the refund can take up to 30 days after your withdrawal was done.

Change & returns

Please note that we cannot exchange item/s to any other product/s. If you want to exchange item/s you must return the item/s you bought and place a new order for the item/s you want instead. All changes and returns of items will be sent back to us at your risk and at your expense.

Please fill in the return form that was sent to you with your order. Pack the item/s you wish to return together with the return form and ship it to us. The returned item/s should not be used or damaged in any way. When returning item/s you will not be repayed for any shipping costs.

If the item/s you received are defected, incorrect or damaged you’re obligated to inform us as soon as you received your item/s, if you want to make a return. In any case of returns of defected, incorrect or damaged item/s Babianspektaklet AB will pay for all shipping costs. In this case, please send a mail to shop@thebaboonshow.com. Name the mail “Defected/incorrect/damaged item/s”.

All returns should be sent to:
Babianspektaklet AB
Gröndalsvägen 118
117 68 Stockholm

Please note that you are responsible for the returned item/s and the parcel until it reaches us.

Privacy policy

Babianspektaklet AB, 559053-001, Gröndalsvägen 118, 117 68 Stockholm, Sweden respects your privacy and are responsible for your personal data and how it’s being stored and processed according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please read the following to learn more about our Privacy policy.

Personal data can be used to identify a person. You directly provide us with such data when you use thebaboonshow.com or interact with us when purchasing item/s in our shop or contacting us for help and support. We may also obtain personal data by using cookies. The personal data that we collect includes name (company name), address, country of inhabitant, phone number and e-mail addresses. We only use your personal data to fulfil and secure our agreements and for marketing purposes.

We may store the following personal data about you:
– Name (company name)
– Address
– Country of inhabitant
– Phone number
– E-mail address
– Purchase history
Your data may also be handed to a third party and be used for the following purposes:
– Contract partners within payment services to be able to fulfill and secure the agreement between Babianspektaklet AB and the customer
– Contract partners within logistics to be able to fulfill and secure the agreement between Babianspektaklet AB and the customer

If you wish to have your personal data delated you must send us a written and signed request asking us to do so. Although Babianspektaklet AB have the right to obtain personal data that is required to fulfil our agreement and to maintain correct accounting and accounting practice.